Michael Shelton, founder of CI Concepts wanted to develop an organization which truly focuses on continuous improvement from start to finish. This is why he starts with a foundation of a quality system program – progresses to Lean and Six Sigma for continuous improvement – and finally applies the Lean and Six Sigma techniques to the ever pressing energy reduction issues in today’s global economy.

Michael has over 25 years of experience achieving business performance improvement, from the small local job shop to Fortune 100 companies.  He has a very diverse background including operations, engineering, quality, business development, and sales which enables him to view the entire process of your business and help you to develop a competitive advantage.





Michael Chan Senior Partner has a BSIE and MSM degrees. mike chanHe has held multiple Senior Level Management positions for numerous companies.  He has over 18 plus years of Lean Enterprise/Lean Manufacturing experience plus over 20 years of additional Manufacturing/Management experience.  Mike has developed a “Teach, Think and Do” management style and approach that allows him to rapidly change a company’s culture, which in turn allows him to rapidly, effectively and successfully implement Lean Enterprise/Lean Manufacturing LEAN THINKING and Six Sigma DMAIC process execution and practice within any company.

Other areas of experience include Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Operations, Quality, Supply Chain Management, Total Productive Maintenance, Materials Management, Logistics, Marketing and Finance, IT & Accounting.