CI Concepts – Experts in business and manufacturing improvements, CI Concepts’ focus is to assist organizations in developing a better understanding of their potential and implement tools and techniques which best benefit their situation for quick hit short term gains and long-term continued growth and success. We have a practical approach to implementing quality and we help you to develop a quality and lean six sigma program to add value to your business – $ Not Cost $.


Quality Standards – It is critical you understand your quality system. Either one of the ISO systems, or AS9100 to obtain the full benefit from the quality standards. Know which regulations are critical to you and your customers and which ones are not. Cash in on your quality standard. Make the system work for you and your customers, not you working for the system.


Lean Six Sigma – One of the keys to a successful Continuous Improvement Program is practice and understanding of the tools and techniques obtained from an in the class environment. CI Concepts helps you to obtain the training then helps you to understand and implement what you have learned to your very specialized environment.


Lean Energy – Energy conservation is a major concern in today’s world. Lean is about eliminating waste. Combine the two and you get Lean Energy. A methodology to help the ever pressing issues of energy conversation. Talk to us and let us see how we can help.


We help you to deliver solutions. We bridge the gaps that others do not.