• ISO 14000
  • ISO 50001
  • Energy Awareness Program (EAP)
  • Manufacturing Energy Program (MEP)

Cleaner is More Efficient

Eliminating Waste is the focus at CI Concepts.
And what better way than to eliminate waste
than to eliminate wasteful consumption of
energy and resources.

We help you to implement green improvements
to reduce your waste, improve your cost and
develop a competitive advantage.

Green issues are becoming a bigger and bigger
part of our everyday buys and promoting a
green program can help you to reduce pollutants
and at the same time improve your costs.

It only makes sense.
CI Concepts utilizes teamwork to create and
environment for customized continuous improvement
solutions; which, helps you to develop the
information required within your systems to
provide the best product and service available
in the most efficient manner. It is critical
to review all alternatives and create an
environment which thinks outside the box to
be effective and environmentally desirable.